The Story Behind the PIM-530 Interface Module.


Protectowire has always been and continues to be the leading manufacturer of linear heat detection. Even the best detection devices (heat, smoke, flame, etc.) require integration equipment to utilize the technology to its’ fullest. For decades, Protectowire has supplied a line of conventional fire alarm control panels to customers and end-users around the world. Our conventional control panels provide a variety of features unmatched by other control equipment, but as equipment evolves and market demand changes we have answered the call with the PIM-530 Protectowire interface module.

Over the last two decades, our industry has seen addressable systems become the new standard for fire alarm control panels. Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors are second to none and simplifying the integration was the next logical choice. We are pleased to now offer an FM Approved and UL Listed PIM-530 interface module for our standard digital linear heat detectors (PHSC). The input and feedback from our distribution network, fire protection engineers, and end-users has been tremendously helpful in designing this product to meet the demands of today’s technology-driven marketplace.

The PIM-530 offers the ability to supervise long extended runs of Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors (up to 6560 feet), integrated alarm point location, an LCD screen, trackpad for easy programming, 64 event history log, Modbus output via RS-485, is FM Approved for use in classified hazards and is universally compatible  via relay contacts.

Protectowire continues to strive toward making it easy to integrate our devices into other systems. Stay tuned to our website for continued updates and product releases – there are exciting things on the horizon.

If you want further information about the PIM-530 please check out the datasheet.


Best Practices for Installing Linear Heat Detection

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