The Person Behind the Podcast



Where did the idea for the podcast come from?  

My position in Technical Sales allows me the benefit of firsthand knowledge as to common field issues, commonly asked questions, and common misconceptions. In discussing this with Sales and Marketing we thought a fun way to address and open communication on these types of subjects was to create a podcast. That is how “The Low Down on LHD” began.



How do you decide what topics to cover? 

Based on what I feel is relevant at the time. From spacing to intrinsic safety to what heat temp. and outer jacket to use.  I write every podcast to a general subject in mind.



How does the podcast work? What’s the recording process like?

I write a script for every podcast.  The process of writing helps me shape the concept. In writing, more ideas pop up and writing opens my mind to conversations I have had with customers that are relevant.  Writing first is key.   Then I set out to record.  The script is there allowing me to follow the path of the subject, but I tend to go off on my own when recording, the recording process frees you up so you can have more fun and make the experience for the listener more fun.  The more podcasts I do the more fun I have.


What’s your favorite part of doing the podcast?  

I love the writing and recording, but the best part for me is the end result.  When I know the podcast is ready to post.  That’s the good bit.



What do you hope people gain from listening to the pod? 

I hope the audience gains a connection to Protectowire. I do my best to relay my love for my job and the company. I keep my podcasts short and to the point on purpose. No one wants to be bored. Life is too short for boring.  My overall goal is to share knowledge while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.




If you’d like to know more about Amy, listen to the latest episode of The Low Down on LHD and check out her edition of our Meet Our Staff series.

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