Mounting Clips

Protectowire is designed to respond rapidly to changes in temperature caused by a fire incident. Therefore, its mounting hardware must provide adequate support at temperatures which are at least as high as the alarm trip point.

Fasteners should typically be spaced every 5- 10 feet (1.5-3m), or as may be necessary to prevent the wire from excessive sagging which puts undue stress on the wire at the fastening points. Improper installation and fastening may also subject the detector to physical damage.

Mounting Clips are suitable for a wide range of applications.

HPC-2 Spring Clip
CC-2N and CC-2W Cable Tray Clip
CC-10N and CC-10W Cable Tray Clip

The CC-10 Series Clips are similar in concept to the CC-2s, but utilize a different “caddy” style drive clamp. The CC-10s will accommodate a material thickness of up to .50 inch (12.7 mm) and also provide a means of locking the fastener in place by using one of the threaded mounting holes. These clamps are particularly useful in applications where excessive vibration may be encountered.

  • The CC-10N is designed for materials ranging from .13 to .25 of an inch (3.2 – 6.4 mm) thick
  • The CC-10W will clamp to materials from .31 to .50 of an inch (7.9 – 12.7 mm) thick

Note: By adding the suffix “-S” to the above model numbers, the fasteners are provided with a 1/4-20 hex nut and 3/4 x1/4-20 hex screw which are designed to securely hold the clamp to the mounting surface.

C Compatibile with CTI "Confirmed Temperature Initiation" Linear Heat Detectors
F Compatibile with Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detectors
D Compatibile with PHSC and PLR "Digital Linear Heat Detectors
Applications in Action
"Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors provide a rugged and versatile proximity fire detection option for the transportation industry. With a resistance to a variety of automotive fluids, solvents, and environmental elements, as well as a flexible design, Protectowire is an ideal choice for tight spaces and extended runs. The detector is both vibration and abrasion-resistant which allows it to be placed inside engine compartments. A long service life and easy annual testing means there is minimal downtime or disruptions. Our vast experience across a wide range of applications is why Protectowire is the preferred choice for smart transportation companies."
Applications in Action
Mining & Materials Processing
"When it comes to the complexities and hazardous requirements of the mining and material processing industries, few companies can match Protectowire’s knowledge and experience. With our unique product line and decades of successful installations, Protectowire Linear Heat Detection is the smart choice for production intensive operations associated with these industries."
Applications in Action
Warehousing & Cold Storage
"In rack protection and cold storage warehouses with sub-zero storage, temperatures are a few of the challenges found in the warehouse and storage industries. Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors offer innovative specialty products, single-source capabilities, and a total system solution to solve the fire detection challenges associated with this industry."