Meet Our Staff: Julie Fernandez


How would you describe what you do at Protectowire FireSystems?

My job title is “Customer Service Representative” — all calls that come into Protectowire are first handled by me and are then directed elsewhere (sales, engineering, etc.) if necessary. Although a lot of my time is spent on the phone answering questions about the price and/or availability of our products, I also process all domestic orders. This involves taking new orders, dealing with any price changes there may be, and billing customers after their orders have been shipped.

I couldn’t live without my…

 Family and cat, Boris.

What would you be doing if you weren’t at your current job?

I would be working in an animal hospital. I actually originally studied animal science. I worked in an animal hospital part-time for ten years.

How do you recharge?

I enjoy listening to music, binge-watching Netflix/On Demand, and hanging out with my friends and kitty. I also spend a lot of time knitting and embroidering in the winter when it’s cold out. I used to really enjoy dancing back in the day. I am also a part of a choir when I have the extra time.

When I’m not at work, you can find me…

I spend a lot of time at my sister’s house helping her take care of my mother. I also spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends and my cat, who likes to watch TV with me!

Something you’ve learned working for Protectowire.

PATIENCE. I am generally a relatively patient person, but I really utilize this quality is often needed when comes to dealing with difficult situations.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

I would like to travel to Tahiti and Spain. I would also like to return to both Aruba and Hawaii, both of which I loved. And I would like to meet Bruce Willis, one of my all-time favorite actors.

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