Inspecting and Maintaining Fire Systems in Idle Facilities


Due to restrictions placed on businesses during the current COVID-19 global pandemic, many commercial spaces are no longer in service. Despite the vacancies, these facilities should be maintained as if they were still fully operational.

Proper inspection and maintenance of fire systems should be a priority for building owners and managers at this time. Fire protection systems must be periodically inspected and maintained according to local fire code to ensure they will perform correctly if a fire emergency did occur. Personnel on sick leave or working from home means there may be gaps in your emergency response team. Be sure to reassess your disaster recovery plan based on available personnel and business operations.

A facility that is not properly maintained can place a burden on already overwhelmed local emergency response teams. Not only can properly maintained systems safeguard the buildings, but they can relieve some of the pressure put on first responders during this unprecedented time. Taking the necessary steps to maintain your business’ fire protection system will ensure that when the time comes to reopen, you can do so safely.


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