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Industries & Applications

As one of leading manufacturers in the fire protection industry, Protectowire FireSystems has the experience and knowledge needed to meet the ever-increasing detection challenges of the special hazard and commercial industries.
Unique Applications
Unlike conventional detectors, the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector’s unique form and construction make it the detector of choice for all types of installations. Whether its extreme environmental conditions, hazardous atmospheres, outdoor hazards, or simply aesthetics, Protectowire can provide a solution for almost every fire detection application. Here is a list of some of the unique applications Protectowire is currently protecting: • Fenway Park • Mormon Tabernacle • Plimoth Plantation • Saco River Covered Bridge • The Holocaust Museum • The Spruce Goose • USS Cairo – Civil War Ironclad From covered bridges and historic landmarks to sports stadiums and tourist attractions, Protectowire has the expertise to solve your next fire detection challenge.
Solar Panels Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Protectowire CTI Series Linear Heat Detectors’ robust design is the ideal choice for solar panel installations. Unlike traditional spot heat detectors, the CTI Series Linear Heat Detector can be placed directly onto the underside of solar panels to provide immediate proximity detection. Since solar panels are installed outdoors, this means they are subjected to hail, high winds, lightning, ice, bird nests, rodents, and other natural forces that can damage the panels or their components. The CTI Series Linear Heat Detector will only issue an alarm condition when its fixed temperature has been reached.

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A Trusted Global Distribution Network
In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, all Protectowire FireSystem products are sold exclusively through the Protectowire Global Distribution Network. Protectowire works collectively with our distributors from around the world, to provide superior customer service and expertise.