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Industries & Applications

As one of leading manufacturers in the fire protection industry, Protectowire FireSystems has the experience and knowledge needed to meet the ever-increasing detection challenges of the special hazard and commercial industries.
Power Generation
Power generation facilities such as fossil fuel, nuclear, and hydroelectric all represent unique fire hazards and design challenges. Protectowire Linear Heat Detection Systems have been specifically designed to operate successfully in these extremely hostile environments. The rugged reliability of our products has been tried, tested, and proven to be the superior choice for fire detection in the power generation industry.
Cable Trays Cable Trays
Cable Trays

Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors can identify the location of an overheat or fire condition anywhere in a cable tray. The detector may be economically applied to monitor each tier of cables and is adaptable to all cable tray types such as a ladder, trough, solid-bottom, channel, cable bus duct, and tubing raceway. In most cases, the detector follows the vertical and horizontal runs and may be placed in direct contact with the cables.

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Coal Conveyors Coal Conveyors
Coal Conveyors

The major risks of fire in conveyor installations are overheated bearings, combustible materials being conveyed, and in the case of belt conveyors, the belt itself. Once a fire is ignited it can spread quickly along the length of the conveyor and be extremely difficult to extinguish. The detector is typically installed directly over the conveyor or on either side of the belt near the roller bearings. Protectowire Systems can be designed to protect all types of conveyors.

Cooling Towers Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers

In cooling towers, wooden framework, decking, plastic impregnated fiberglass supports and dividers are all combustible hazards. Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors provide a reliable system for activating deluge sprinklers. The detector is typically installed around the fan motor on the fan deck and circles the perimeter of the fan cylinder base just beneath the deck.

Solar Panels Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Protectowire CTI Series Linear Heat Detectors’ robust design is the ideal choice for solar panel installations. Unlike traditional spot heat detectors, the CTI Series Linear Heat Detector can be placed directly onto the underside of solar panels to provide immediate proximity detection. Since solar panels are installed outdoors, this means they are subjected to hail, high winds, lightning, ice, bird nests, rodents, and other natural forces that can damage the panels or their components. The CTI Series Linear Heat Detector will only issue an alarm condition when its fixed temperature has been reached.

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Switch Gear & Electrical Equipment Switch Gear & Electrical Equipment
Switch Gear & Electrical Equipment

Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors may be easily installed inside equipment to follow cable raceways, wiring harnesses or placed in direct contact with components or areas that are subject to overheat and fire. The detector may be used anywhere ambient temperatures do not exceed its installed temperature rating. Nonmetallic cable straps are used to fasten the wire during installation. Installation time and expense are greatly reduced when compared to spot-type heat detectors.

Transformers Transformers

Transformer fires often occur because of arcing due to the deterioration of insulation. Fires are also caused by lightning or dirty insulators on the tank. Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors provide a simple and reliable solution. The detector can be easily installed adjacent to or directly on all types of transformers to provide early detection of any overheat condition.

A Trusted Global Distribution Network
In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, all Protectowire FireSystem products are sold exclusively through the Protectowire Global Distribution Network. Protectowire works collectively with our distributors from around the world, to provide superior customer service and expertise.