CTI & CTM-530 Series Approved for use in Hazardous Locations


Pembroke, MA,-  Protectowire FireSystems, the originator of Linear Heat Detectors and the leading manufacturer of Special Hazard Linear Heat Detection Systems, announced today that the CTI Series Linear Heat Detector and CTM 530 Module are both now FM approved for hazardous (intrinsically safe) locations.

Two intrinsically safe versions of the CTM-530 Interface Module are available:
• Model CTM-530E-I which contains CTI Interface Module with LCD display, navigation buttons and Intrinsic Safety Barrier (ISB) mounted in a NEMA-4X (IP66) Enclosure.
• Model CTM-530LTE-I which contains an Intrinsic Safety Barrier (ISB), CTI Interface Module without LCD display, and navigation buttons mounted in a NEMA-4X (IP66) Enclosure.

The two interface modules, when equipped with the Intrinsically Safe Option (I), can be used with all models of Protectowire’s CTI Series Detectors. The Interface Modules are FM Approved as associated apparatus with intrinsically safe connections. CTI Series Linear Heat Detectors are intrinsically safe for use in Class I, II and III, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G; Class 1, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T6 Ga -29oC ≤Ta ≤+49oC hazardous (classified) locations when connected via the CTM-530E-I or CTM-530LTE-I.

Please check out the CTI datasheets for more information.

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