Application Spotlight: Tire Manufacturing


The process of producing tires is complex and involves various materials. Some of these materials include highly flammable substances like synthetic rubber and numerous chemical agents. Manufacturing facilities also have employees and machinery constantly moving. Being able to protect these moving parts with multi-criteria detection eliminated the chance of a false alarm due to physical damage. The flammability of materials and highly active nature of tire manufacturing facilities makes fire detection and suppression extremely important in the facilities that manufacture and store tires. Given its importance, finding the right heat detection system for a tire manufacturing facility can be difficult.

Fortunately for tire manufacturers, Protectowire Linear Heat Detection Systems have a solution to meet tire manufacturers’ needs. Confirmed Temperature Initiation (CTI) Series Linear Heat Detector provides both a dependable and cost-effective method to monitor for potential fluid leaks on hydraulic presses used within the tire molding process. Coupled with the CTM-530 interface module, the CTI Series Detector is unique in that it is an advanced multi-criteria detector capable of distinguishing between short circuits and true alarm conditions. In the case of a true fire condition, the CTM-530 module will display the location of the overheat or fire condition at any point along the length of the linear heat detector. This makes Protectowire FireSystems Linear Heat Detectors the ideal choice for tire manufacturers.

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Best Practices for Installing Linear Heat Detection

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