SharpEye UV / IR Flame Detectors

The new generation of SharpEye™ UV/IR optical flame detectors, combines enhanced optical technology with advanced microprocessor control.  Detection performance is controlled by a micro-processor and easily adapted to all environments, applications and performance requirements. The result is a unique and superior flame detector which provides excellent detection sensitivity with extreme immunity to false alarms.

40/40L – SharpEye™ UV/IR Dual Spectrum Detector w/Manual Test & Heated Optics
40/40LB – SharpEye™ UV/IR Dual Spectrum Detector w/Built in Test & Heated Optics
40/40L4 (L4B) are identical to the L (&LB) models respectively, except the IR sensor works at a wavelength of 4.5 microns and is only suitable for hydrocarbon-based fires.
40/40UFL SharpEye™ Ultra Fast UV/IR combined explosion and high sensitivity flame detectro w/built in test.
• UV/IR dual spectrum design • 20 to 200 millisecond response to saturated signal depending on model
• 0-20mA (stepped) output
• RS-485 modbus compatible
• Multiple detection levels
• 100°/95° cone of vision
• User-programmable configuration • Mil-spec electronic components
• FM, CSA, IECEx and Atex Approved. See datasheet for details.

40/40-001 – Swivel Mount for SharpEye™ 40/40 Models. Used to facilitate adjustment of the Detector’s field of view.

777650 – Air Shield for 40/40 Models. The air shield has been designed to protect the detector’s viewing window from debris and dust.