SharpEye IR3 Flame Detectors

The SharpEye™ 40/40I is a self-contained triple spectrum flame detector. The sensor band pass has been carefully selected to ensure the greatest degree of spectral matching to the radiant energy emissions of fire, and the lowest degree of matching to non-fire stimuli. The SharpEye 40/40I is extremely sensitive. It can detect a 1×1 sq. ft. gasoline pan fire at 215 ft. in less than 5 seconds. The sensitivity is user-programmable, offering 4 ranges of detection. The patented triple IR design offers two to three times the detection distance of any conventional IR or UV/IR detector.

40/40I – SharpEye™ IR3 Triple Infrared Detector w/Built in Test & Heated Optics
• Triple IR spectrum design • Sensitivity selection 
• User programmable configuration
• Automatic and manual built-in test
• Explosion-proof
• 0-20mA (stepped) output • RS-485 modbus compatible
• FM, CSA, IECEx & DNV Marine Approved

40/40-001 – Swivel Mount for SharpEye™ 40/40 Models. Used to facilitate adjustment of the Detector’s field of view.

777650 – Air Shield for 40/40 Models. The air shield has been designed to protect the detector’s viewing window from debris and dust.