SharpEye IR Flame Detectors

The SharpEye™ 40/40R Single-IR Optical Flame Detector incorporates the advanced flame analysis algorithms employed in the SharpEye line of UV/IR and IR3 Optical Flame Detectors, combined with a cost-effective electro-mechanical design to produce a low cost flame detector. The 40/40R Flame Detector was designed to provide early warning of flaming fires involving organic (hydrocarbon fuels and gas) materials.

40/40R – SharpEye Single-IR Optical Flame Detector w/Built in Test & Heated Optics
Infrared sensor and optical filter provides maximum sensitivity
to the CO2 emission spectral band at 4.5 micron
• 0-20 mA output and RS-485 modbus compatible
• Automatic and manual built-in test
• FM, CSA, IECEx Approved

• 5-year warranty

40/40-001 – Swivel Mount for SharpEye™ 40/40 Models. Used to facilitate adjustment of the Detector’s field of view.

777650 – Air Shield for 40/40 Models. The air shield has been designed to protect the detector’s viewing window from debris and dust.