The SRP-4×4 is the #1 choice for companies as a multi-purpose fire alarm system designed for commercial and light industrial detection and extinguishing applications. The control panel provides four Class A or B (Style D or B) Initiating Circuits, one dedicated Class B (Style B) Supervisory Circuit, and four Class B (Style Y) Output Circuits. An optional Class A (Style Z) Output Module is available.

  • Standard battery charger, lamp test and ground fault detection included
  • Programmable input and output circuits
  • Field selectable Class A or Class B Alarm Initiating Circuits
  • Output circuits may be configured for Alarm Indicating, Trouble Indicating,      Supervisory, or Releasing functions
  • Monitors up to 10,000 feet (3,048m) of Protectowire per zone
  • Optional Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meter available
  • Built-in SPDT common alarm, common trouble, and supervisory relays