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Protectowire systems are the smart choice
for production intensive operations.

The list of applications for Protectowire Linear Heat Detection is continually expanding. Below you will find information for a few of the markets and applications our products have been utilized in.



Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors provide a rugged and versatile proximity fire detection option for the transportation industry. With a resistance to a variety of automotive fluids, solvents, and environmental elements in addition to a flexible design makes Protectowire an ideal choice for tight spaces and extended runs. The detector is both vibration and abrasion resistant which allows it to be placed inside engine compartments. A long service life and easy annual testing means there is minimal downtime or disruptions. Our vast experience across a wide range of applications is why Protectowire is the preferred choice for smart transportation companies.

Airport Industry

The highest risk of fire danger within airport facilities are from fuel storage, cargo materials and from the aircraft’s themselves. Protectowire’s Digital Linear Heat and CTI Series Detectors both offer minimal maintenance and are not adversely affected by temperature fluctuations making them ideal detectors for the airport industry. When compared to spot-heat and infrared detectors Protectowire Detectors can greatly reduce installation costs while making annual testing easy and simple.

Road and Rail Tunnels

Tunnel fires pose a risk not only to life safety for car and train passengers but also cause severe damage to the tunnel lining, mechanical, and electrical systems. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors are used in tunnels of all types. The fire protection objective is to suppress any fire that may occur and stop the fire from spreading and minimize damage to the tunnel and infrastructure. Systems can be configured to activate extinguishing systems, sound audible and visual warning signals, control air handling, ventilation equipment, and identify the exact location of the alarm.

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Railway Bridges


Hostile environments, contaminated, and combustible wood construction makes it difficult for firefighters to access railway bridges especially those that are vulnerable to fire. Flexing timbers and extreme ambient temperatures compound the difficulties encountered in designing a fire detection system for these vital locations. These challenges are met by Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors and Control Panels in proven and long-term installations.

Rail Systems

Fire protection efforts for rolling stock are divided into two categories. The first is the protection of engines, generators, motors, control systems, and undercarriage areas. The second category involves the protection of passenger cabin areas. The characteristics of railroad rolling stock place high demands of the fire protection system and emergency response capabilities. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors have been proven to be an effective and integral part of a complete fire detection and suppression solution for the hazards associated with railroad rolling stock. The inherent flexibility of Protectowire allows for custom-designed project specific solutions for this challenging application.

Metro Stations & Transportation Facilities

Fire detection in transit stations is an important consideration for the protection of life and property. The general environment of a rapid transit system lends itself to many peculiar and difficult fire safety problems. Typical underground stations are multilevel structures with a labyrinth of passages, shafts, and tunnels. The application of digital linear heat detection technology within this environment has many advantages over conventional detection methods.

Escalators: Protectowire wrapped around or in contact with the escalator bearings warns of overheating before a fire can start.

Subways: Protectowire’s unique design is ideal for protecting subway tunnels and stations where important cable and piping networks are installed. Under the platform areas are easily protected where the risk of fire is present from accumulated trash and debris near the track.


Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors can be easily installed in industrial vehicles such as bulldozers, waste haulers, buses, front loaders, and subway cars. Usually installed in engine bay areas Protectowire provides fast response to fires caused by broken or damaged fuel and hydraulic lines minimizing the risk of injury and equipment downtime.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Power generation facilities such as fossil fuel, nuclear, and hydroelectric all represent unique fire hazards and design challenges. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detection Systems have been specifically designed to operate successfully in these extremely hostile environments. The rugged reliability of our products has been proven time and time again making Protectowire the product of choice for fire detection in the power generation industry.

Coal Conveyors

The major risks of fire in conveyor installations are overheated bearings, combustible materials being conveyed, and in the case of belt conveyors the belt itself. Once a fire is ignited it can spread quickly along the length of the conveyor and be extremely difficult to extinguish. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector is typically installed directly over the conveyor or on either side of the belt near the roller bearings. Protectowire Systems can be designed to protect all types of conveyors.

Cable Trays

Cable-Tray-Sinusoidal-Pattern Cable-Protection-1

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector can identify the location of an overheat or fire condition anywhere in a cable tray. Protectowire may be economically applied to monitor each tier of cables and is adaptable to all cable tray types such as a ladder, trough, solid-bottom, channel, cable bus duct, and tubing raceway. In most cases, the detector follows the vertical and horizontal runs and may be placed in direct contact with the cables.



Transformer fires often occur because of arcing due to the deterioration of insulation. Fires are also caused by lightning or dirty insulators on the tank. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector provides a simple and reliable solution. The detector can be easily installed adjacent to or directly on all types of transformers to provide early detection of any overheat condition.

Switch Gear & Electrical Equipment

Electrical_Apparatus Electrical_Apparatus2

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector may be easily installed inside equipment to follow cable raceways, wiring harnesses or placed in direct contact with components or areas that are subject to overheat and fire. The detector may be used anywhere ambient temperatures does not exceed its installed temperature rating. Nonmetallic cable straps are used to fasten the wire during installation. Installation time and expense are greatly reduced when compared to spot-type heat detectors.

Cooling Towers

Cooling-Tower-Forced-Convection Cooling-Tower-Nature-Convection

In cooling towers, wooden framework, decking, plastic impregnated fiberglass supports and dividers are all combustible hazards. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors provide a reliable system for activating deluge sprinklers. The detector is typically installed around the fan motor on the fan deck and circles the perimeter of the fan cylinder base just beneath the deck.



Storage tanks, pipelines, offshore platforms, and refineries utilize numerous processes involving flammable liquids and toxic chemicals. Every facet of these processes must be monitored regardless of the hazardous challenges they present. Our product range of customized control panels, specialty detectors, and hazardous area approvals makes Protectowire the leading supplier of Digital Linear Heat Detection Systems to the petrochemical industry.

Storage Tanks

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector is a simple, cost-effective form of fire detection that is easily adapted to both fixed and floating roof tanks. This system easily adapts to retrofit or can be added to new installations. The detector is available with intrinsically safe circuits. On fixed tanks Protectowire can be installed to monitor gauge points, vent areas, or manholes. In floating roof tanks the linear heat detector is installed around the perimeter of the rim seal area in order to provide continuous monitoring for overheat and fire along its entire length.


Pipelines present unique detection challenges as they may span long distances or consist of densely configured systems within the confines of a processing plant. They are often carrying combustibles like oil, gasoline, and LNG/LPG (Liquefied Natural Gas/Petroleum Gas) which can leak causing liquid spills or gaseous emissions creating hazardous concentrations of combustible gasses. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector can easily be wrapped around pipes, valves, and other vulnerable connections to ensure early detection should a hazardous ignition occur.

Offshore Platforms


Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms present unique fire hazards due to their harsh environments and remote isolated locations. Protectowire FireSystems can be an integral part of the total detection and suppression system approach needed to ensure the safety of these facilities and their operating personnel.

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors can easily be installed in contact with electrical motors, pumps, valves, and bearings where the possibility of overheat and fire exist. Protectowire Control Panels are available in rugged NEMA 4/4X rated enclosures and are capable of operating a variety of flame, gas, heat, and smoke detectors thereby providing a single source completely integrated system.


The chemical and petrochemical industries utilize numerous high-risk processes involving flammable liquids and chemicals. All of these processes create the risk of fire and require that every facet of the process is monitored to ensure the safety of the personnel as well as the facility. The safety of these facilities requires a variety of detection systems and suppression techniques. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors can be easily integrated into a total system package providing critical detection for critical areas such as motors, pumps, mixers, electrically operated solenoids, and valves.

Warehousing and Storage

Warehousing and Storage

In rack protection and refrigerated warehouses with sub-zero storage, temperatures are a few of the challenges found in the warehouse and storage industries. Protectowire offers innovative specialty products, single-source capabilities, and a total system solution to solve the fire detection challenges associated with this industry.

Warehouses and Freezer Storage

Protectowire Confirmed Temperature Initiation (CTI) Series Linear Heat Detector provides the most dependable and cost-effective fire detection option for warehouse and refrigerated storage applications. Protectowire FireSystems provides the only Digital Linear Heat Detector that offers short circuit discrimination. Unlike conventional Digital Linear Heat Detectors, damage to the CTI Series Linear Heat Detector will not cause a false alarm. The CTI Series uses multi-criteria detection to eliminate false alarms and assures only heat activated alarms are reported. Most refrigerated and warehousing facilities are double interlocked pre-action systems, which makes the CTI Series an ideal Linear Heat Detector for this particular type of suppression system.

When used in double interlock pre-action sprinkler systems, Protectowire is typically installed at the ceiling and in the racks at every level of sprinkler piping. Detectors have been specifically designed for the harsh environment and can protect in temperatures up to -60°F (-51°C), depending upon model selected. Protectowire Detectors are available in wide variety of alarm temperatures and jackets suitable for any type of installation environment.

Self-Storage Units

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors are ideally suited for use in self-storage warehouses. The detector can be installed longitudinally in each building thereby covering each individual storage compartment. By incorporating a Protectowire FireSystem Control Panel with Alarm Point Location Meter, the linear distance of the alarm point can be identified and related to a specific cubicle. Protectowire’s low maintenance requirements allow for a simple system test procedure which eliminates the need to unlock every storage space for inspection and testing of the fire alarm system.

Barns & Stables


Protectowire is not adversely affected by temperature fluctuations which often occurs between the heated and unheated areas of a barn or stable building. In addition, unlike smoke detectors, other environmental factors such as dust, dirt, and insects do not adversely affect the operation of Protectowire Detectors.

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detection Systems may be used to activate a pre-action sprinkler system in addition to providing fire detection capabilities. Protectowire Systems are designed to provide the most reliable and cost-effective fire detection available for the risks and environmental conditions associated with this unique application.

Mining and Material Processing

Mining and Material Processing

When it comes to the complexities and hazardous requirements of the mining and material processing industries, few companies can match Protectowire’s knowledge and experience. With our unique product line and decades of successful installations, Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detection is the smart choice for production intensive operations associated with these industries.

Heavy Equipment

The mining industry relies extensively on expensive special purpose vehicles and heavy processing equipment that are pushed to the limit, often operating 24/7 in extremely harsh environments. Protectowire products have been used successfully on all types of mining equipment including draglines and electric shovels. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors and FireSystem Control Panels are ideally suited to protect the DC drives used to power the massive electric shovels currently in use. Protectowire can be easily installed around and throughout the drive, power cable, and electric motor areas to provide dependable warning of overheat or fire in these critical components.


Large drive motors, belts and roller bearings are stressed to the limit in dirty, dusty, and sometimes hazardous environments present in the mining industry. Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detectors can be installed over the belt or alongside the conveyor near the bearings for overheat detection. Protectowire’s versatile construction enables it to be installed in, around, on controllers, switches, motors or other conveyor components where the risk of overheat or fire is greatest.

Unique Applications

Solar Panels

Protectowire CTI Series Linear Heat Detectors robust design is the ideal choice for solar panel installations. Unlike traditional spot heat detectors, the CTI Series Linear Heat Detector can be placed directly onto the underside of solar panels providing immediate proximity detection. Since solar panels are installed outdoors, this means they are subjected to hail, high winds, lightning, ice, bird nests, rodents as well as other natural forces that can damage the panels or its components. The CTI Series Linear Heat Detector will only issue an alarm condition when its fixed temperature has been reached.

Other Unique Applications

Unlike conventional detectors, Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector’s unique form and construction make it the detector of choice for all types of installations. Whether its extreme environmental conditions, hazardous atmospheres, outdoor hazards, or simply aesthetics Protectowire can provide a solution for almost every fire detection application.

denver-airpot_sm cairo-bow-1-sm

Here is a list of some of the unique applications Protectowire is currently protecting:
•    Fenway Park
•    Mormon Tabernacle
•    Plimoth Plantation
•    Saco River Covered Bridge and many more throughout New England
•    The Holocaust Museum
•    The Spruce Goose
•    USS Cairo – Civil War Ironclad

From covered bridges and historic landmarks to sports stadiums, let Protectowire solve your next fire detection challenge.



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